what if it is to sticky ?

report it too us , we will re-activate your slime (no charge) and make it less sitcky

what is your best slime?

well our secials ( they come out when any major event has happened such as summer, winter , christmas and other holidays . they are aleays best as we put our up most efort 9scince they are limited edition )

what are the loyalty cards for ?

they are for the amount of money you spend 40 aed = activator spray 50 aed = pack of beads 70 aed = 1 small slime 100 aed = 2 small slimes , activator spray and beads

what are your specials ?

unicorn : pink , blue and purple fluffy slime ( cotton cady smell) bubble tea : cockatiel : yellow butter slime with red beads and tutti fruity smell